Celebrating the 100th Day of School with Parental Over-Involvement

by Abby on February 8, 2013

If you don’t have school-age kids you may not know this, but the 100th Day of School is a thing now. For the past 2 years our eldest son has had to do a project involving 100 of something – say, a structure built out of 100 Legos, or a necklace strung with 100 beads, or 100 marbles in a jar. Get the idea?

100 cookiesLast year we – and I do mean WE – got a little too ambitious and baked 100 cookies. That wasn’t so bad, but then C. got the idea to number them all with frosting which is how we ended up in the kitchen WAY past bedtime squeezing blobs of red goo all over the place and arguing over whether his 9’s looked like lower-case g’s. Anyway, my son’s classmates enjoyed the cookies.


This year 2 things changed:
1) Miles was somewhat less enthusiastic about the 100th Day project, and
2) I have discovered Pinterest.

Now, I don’t know how my sweet, eager little learner turned into an eye-rolling, slump-shouldered pre-teen in one school year, but it’s happened. Can I blame Captain Underpants?

Anyway, whenever I tried to show him one of the 10 million awesome ideas I found on Pinterest (just search for “100th day projects”) he would sigh and moan, “Mo-o-omm, can’t you just get me 100 lollipops or Skittles at the store?” So let me get this straight, son: your idea for your homework is for me to buy you massive amounts of candy? Uh, uh. You’re gonna need to use a little more imagination than that.

And that’s how parents end up getting overly involved in their kids’ school projects and custom-tinting icing at 10pm on a Tuesday night.

100th day of school projectFinally, we agreed on doing something with mini marshmallows. (Not that different from candy, I know.) Then we found a box of toothpicks in a drawer and started messing around. Before long, we had hit upon the idea of building little houses using the toothpicks and marshmallows. Each house was made with 10 marshmallows, so multiply that by 10 and you have 100. See? It’s a math lesson, too!

My little guy got involved, too. I’m happy to say it was a fairly simple and not that messy project. AND, Miles actually did most of it himself. And once again, he passed out pieces to his classmates after school. When in doubt, always go with an edible project.

Do your kids celebrate the 100th Day of School? What are some cool projects they’ve done or seen? This project is one of my favorites.

LINK O’ THE DAY: Speaking of 100, this is what 100 years old looks like. My grandfather celebrated his birthday in December and is still going strong!

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