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Mama Insider: Laughing (And Sometimes Crying) Your Way Through Pregnancy, Birth, and the First 3 Months, an e-book by Abigail Green Laughing (And Sometimes Crying) All the Way Through Pregnancy, Birth, and the First 3 Months, an e-book by Abigail Green

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“Everyone loves to talk to pregnant women about The Miracle of Life. Natural? Beautiful? Let’s be honest: it’s just plain bizarre! Your previously normal body is morphing into gigantic proportions while you grow a whole new wiggly little person inside of it.”

What readers are saying:

“Abby is the funniest writer I have EVER read, and I am a voracious reader.”
Jen S., pregnant mom of 2

“What I like best about Abby’s writing is that she doesn’t sacrifice honesty for humor…she manages to achieve both, a rare feat.”
Malia J., mom of 2

“I love your blog, Abby! What a talented writer and authentic soul you are.”
Angela H., mom of 2

About the e-book:

I really thought I was prepared to have my first baby. I’d read the books and blogs, seen the movies and reality shows. In my 15+ years as a journalist, I’d even written articles on pregnancy symptoms, babymoons, and co-sleeping. And heaven knows I’d been to enough baby showers. Yet I was still surprised by so much of what I experienced during pregnancy, birth, and my first 3 months as a new mom.

For instance, no one told me that I might get pregnant and not realize it till I was already on my way to a booze-fueled girls’ weekend. Or that there are other insidious symptoms besides morning sickness, such as the dreaded Pregnancy Butt. Or that birthing classes can involve chanting and colorful hand-knit models of the placenta. (Or was that just mine?)

If you want the real scoop on pregnancy, birth, and the first 3 months of motherhood – the good, the bad, and the funny – from one (formerly) new mom to another, you’ve come to the right place. For the past 5+ years, I’ve been chronicling the joy and the craziness on my blog, and have heard from tons of other new moms about what’s on their sleep-deprived minds. I’m here to reassure you that you are not alone. You are not crazy. And you are going to do just fine as a mom. The proof that other people have been through it and survived is in this e-book.

You’ll find out:

  • Why you shouldn’t be concerned by the size of your unborn baby’s nose
  • What happens when you’re 10 days overdue and your doula goes on vacation
  • New moms’ Frequently Asked Questions on such topics as cankles and clueless husbands
  • The differences between Nervous Moms and Mellow Moms
  • What “me time” looks like once you’re a mom
  • How real moms lose the baby weight (hint: it’s not salad and Pilates)

Each of the 23 chapters in this 50-page e-book is short and easy to read while you’re feeding the baby, waiting for the pediatrician, or reheating your cup of coffee for the third time because you’re running on 3 hours sleep and are constantly being interrupted to pump, change diapers, start a load of laundry, or search under the couch for missing pacifiers.

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