Flashback Monday: Random Thoughts at the Pool

by Abby on May 28, 2012

Since it’s Memorial Day and I am spending my third day in a row at the pool, I thought you might enjoy this post from my archives. Throw a veggie burger on the BBQ for me, will ya?

What not to wear at the poolAll these people are essentially standing around in their underwear in broad daylight.

Where else do people wear so little clothing in public? Even at the gym you don’t see this much thigh.

Seriously, teenage girls? The string bikini tops and short-shorts weren’t revealing enough? You had to roll down the waistband, too?

When did I get to be such a prude? I went topless on a beach in France once. Boy, that was a mistake. They don’t make sunscreen strong enough to protect some body parts.

My back feels like it’s getting burnt. How can that clear spray-on sunscreen possibly work?

Poor Riley. He’s cursed with my red hair and pale skin. And guys can’t even use self-tanner without being mocked. Unless they’re on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Man boobs are so much worse than beer bellies.

I’m really glad my 5yo can swim and that there are competent lifeguards here, because I’m so busy keeping my toddler above water I don’t even know where Miles is right now.

I know the lifeguards are competent because last week when I turned my back for a second and Riley took that opportunity to throw himself into the pool, a lifeguard got to him before I could. Whew.

Just how much pool water can a small child drink before he explodes?

You would think after 3 hours of vigorous swimming and playing in the hot sun, my kids would have used up their energy for the day. You would be wrong.

Why do they always eat every single snack I brought within the first hour?

Why do they always want to play with everyone else’s pool toys, and never the huge bag full of THEIR toys I lug here day after day?

Why do we come all the way to the pool so they can do things they could do at home, like play with trucks and dig in the sandbox?

Look at those people with their chairs and their books. Sitting. Reading. Someday that’ll be me. Someday…

Toddler playing with a truck at the pool

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Kathleen Basi May 28, 2012 at 7:23 am

That last sentence about the book? I was thinking that last night as I held yet another cranky baby at the pool too close to bedtime. 🙂


Pamela May 28, 2012 at 10:28 am

Ah, I remember those days of thinking I would NEVER ever have chance to just BE, and read a book by the water. Don’t worry, by the time the kids are teens, they won’t come near you, or look at you as if you’re human, so you’ll have plenty of time to read then. :+) I used to be jealous of the girls in the bikini – after two Caesarians, bikinis were off my list forever. But you’re right, I mean, really, what’s attractive about all those belly buttons? Thanks for the fun post….


Corey Feldman May 29, 2012 at 12:52 pm

I wish I had as much confidence in lifeguards as you do. But I was one myself to long. I was good and pulled lots of kids out of the water. Sadly sometimes in other guards stations because they missed it. I always feel like I’m at high alert at the pool or beach. Can’t kick the water scanning habit. It is funny how we change in terms of public appearance. I’m in good shape and don’t mind running in my compression tights, but years ago when I was a bartender, 1/2 the parties I went to people where either naked or nearly naked. I couldn’t imagine doing that today.


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