Happy Mother’s Day to Me

by Abby on May 10, 2013

Because most things in my life are so complicated, whether I think they’re going to be or not, I really, REALLY appreciate when something is simple. When something just works out exactly the way I hoped, with minimal effort and stress on my part? Heaven! And that’s exactly what happened with my porch makeover.

That’s right, I decided one Pinterest- and wine-fueled evening that I wanted to make over my front porch. It’s a decent-sized space that could be a nice place to hang out, had it not become a wasteland of toys and bikes and the recycling bin and yard tools and, for some reason, the Christmas tree stand that’s been sitting out there since December.

The first miraculous occurrence happened right after I started talking about my desire for a wicker loveseat. But not frou-frou, Golden Girls-type furniture, more like Crate and Barrel. Well, do you know what Crate and Barrel patio furniture sells for, people? A LOT. Same for Pier 1 and even Target, for that matter. So then, not even a week later, I get an email from a friend of a friend who’s giving away some wicker furniture. For free. Sold! Tell me the power of intention isn’t a real thing.

I liked the loveseat but not the cushions. Could I learn to live with them since they were, after all, free? I could not. They did not mesh with my Pinterest-produced vision. So I started looking around for other options. I tried and rejected an ill-fitting cushion from Homegoods. I hated every fabric choice at every big box store. I wished I knew I how to sew. Then I discovered something even better – someone ELSE who knew how to sew and offered her reasonably priced services on Etsy.

A dozen or so emails and two weeks later, I had the loveseat cushions of my dreams. A gorgeous turquoise and cream color, a trendy ikat print, a perfect custom fit thanks to a tracing of the cushions requested by my expert seamstress. I am beyond thrilled with the results. Don’t they look awesome?

wicker loveseat - before

Wicker loveseat: Before

Wicker loveseat: After

Wicker loveseat: After

flower potsI was even inspired to buy a couple of coordinating pots and plant some flowers, even though window boxes and such tend to end badly for me. I love my new porch, and I love even more how SIMPLE it was. And that’s really the best Mother’s Day gift I could ever ask for.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! Hope your day is happy, simple, and stress-free.

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jetts31 May 15, 2013 at 1:11 am

A little late but…Happy Mother’s Day. Hope you had a great day.


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