My Annual Back-to-School Organizing Binge

by Abby on August 26, 2013

colorful home office

a cool home office I found on Pinterest; source:

There’s just something about back-to-school time that sends me into an organizing frenzy. That’s why I’ve been madly purging art projects and paperwork, recycling half of the bazillion magazines I subscribe to, and scouring Pinterest for home organization ideas. Feast your eyes on this site, people. I’m totally doing that bench/basket thing in #11. Especially now that I know someone who can whip up custom cushions like that.

I wish I had something deep and poignant to say about the start of school and the change in routine and all that, but the fact is I don’t. I really enjoyed this summer with my boys. Yes, I got sick of going to the pool and park and playing cruise director and finding a zillion and one fun family activities for us, and yes, they fought and drove me crazy at times, and yes, I am thrilled they will be going back to school and leaving me with SOME free time to actually think and write and form cohesive thoughts that aren’t interrupted by “MO-O-O-MMM! I HAD IT FIRST AND HE TOOK IT FROM ME WAAAAHHH!”

But it’s still bittersweet. I will miss our lazy mornings in PJs and our lazy afternoons at the pool. I will miss spending lots of time outdoors and soaking up lots of sunlight. I will miss not feeling that Sunday evening under-the-gun gloom. I may be alone in that, though. Because my second-grader, for one, is beyond excited to go back to school. And I have to admit, his enthusiasm is infectious. Happy back-to-school, everyone!

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