This Is How I Feel Every Day

by Abby on August 30, 2013

My husband sent me this YouTube video because it’s the story of our life:

I always say if we ever split up it will be because a third party came between us – his iPhone. Of course, he’s no more addicted than most of the world. I did have to laugh when we were on vacation and had just stepped off a trolley tour. I suggested he ask the tour guide where was a good place to grab lunch. “Let me just check Yelp first,” he said, pulling out his phone.

“So let me get this straight: you would rather look up online reviews by a bunch of random 20-something tourists than go ask an ACTUAL PERSON who lives here?!” He ceded the point.

Listen, I’m really not one to talk. I’m usually attached to my iPhone, which allows me to (almost) seamlessly pull off my duties as a freelance writer, blogger, and mom. How else would I be able to take an important work call in the middle of the elephant exhibit at the zoo? How else would I be able to tweet out links to my latest posts in the carpool line? How else would I be able to accept assignments while on a scenic family bike ride? (All these things have totally happened, BTW.)

But enough’s enough. Every now and then, Put. Away. The damn. Phone. Crazy talk, I know.

LINK O’ THE DAY: I thought this post by a college student on why America can’t unplug was pretty spot-on. It’s so true that the same people (Dad) who complain that you’re always on your phone are the same people who complain when they can’t instantly reach you by phone (Dad), and ironically, the same people YOU can’t reach by phone when you need to (Dad)!

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