What I’ve Been Doing Besides Writing

by Abby on May 26, 2015

A mom friend of mine put it perfectly: this time of year is second only to the holidays in terms of busyness. The end-of-year school events: picnics, concerts, gatherings. The field trips, permission slips, yearbooks, teacher gifts. The baseball games, rain delays, birthdays, school holidays. The mad rush, the final push, before school lets out and summer starts. When work-at-home moms’ time is no longer their own, and every childless hour costs you. Yep, I’m in the thick of it right now. Here’s a look at what I’ve been doing instead of writing:

Putting together a farmer costume for the kindergarten nursery rhyme performance. (So what if those overalls are really snow pants?) Farmer Riley

Chaperoning a third-grade field trip to the zoo, where the wild animals weren’t just the ones in cages. my son at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Testing out an Easy Bake Oven scored at a yard sale. (Verdict: pretty lame for all the hype. The modern version is basically a toaster. You can’t watch it bake and it yields a couple tablespoons of lukewarm, gooey batter. I bet the original, non-child-safe version was way more fun.) boys using an Easy Bake Oven

Refinishing the deck. But what’s a “before” picture without an “after”? Unsatisfying, is what. If I ever get around to the “after,” you’ll be the first to know.

Making delicious, healthy, colorful, home-cooked meals. (A variation of this recipe, FYI.) That sounds like a brag, doesn’t it? I only tell you (and Instagram) because it makes me feel better about all that effort for something no one eats but me. And my husband. But he’ll eat anything. Even the Easy Bake “cookies.” chili-lime shrimp bowls over quinoa with black bean-mango salsa

What’s going on in your world? Can’t wait for summer, or dreading that last school dismissal?

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Kathleen Basi May 29, 2015 at 1:02 pm

I’ve barely kept up with my blog reader the last month because of baseball and trying to milk every last second of those free child-free hours.

They’re all gone now, by the way. Summer’s in full swing. Has been since before school let out, to my great chagrin.


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