Is Christmas Break Over Yet?

by Abby on December 31, 2012

I can totally understand why people become alcoholics. I’m just saying. Don’t get me wrong — I had a very nice Christmas with my family, filled with good food, good company, and plenty of togetherness. And now I am ready for everyone to go back to school and work. Too bad for me, Christmas break is as interminable as the Christmas Eve service I dragged everyone to, where we sat cramped in a far corner of the jam-packed church on folding chairs and I had no snacks or tissues and not enough crayons.

Since Christmas, the days have seemed positively ENDLESS. It’s cold and windy and gets dark too early and everyone’s sick and bored. You would think with the gazillion new toys, books, and games in the house there would be no HINT of boredom, but you’d be wrong. Really, you’re bored, kids?! I’m so glad we Santa busted our his hump to track down that very specific, very in-demand toy you were DYING to have that you played with for exactly one day before forgetting about it!

Snow SpideyBy the way, 3 is apparently the golden age as far as Christmas goes. My little guy was thrilled with everything he opened, especially the Spiderman suit with the built-in muscles and the accompanying Spidey web-slinger glove that makes web-slinging noises when you push a button on the wrist.

Whereas my 6yo was unimpressed with several of his gifts, and said so. The lumberjack hat with the faux beard? He deemed it silly-looking. The board games? Too babyish. The reindeer that poops jelly beans? Too gross. Really?! This coming from someone who finds fart jokes hilarious and devoured the entire library of Captain Underpants books in a single weekend? I give up.

We got snow for a day, then it all melted. We’ve had outings and play dates, sometimes even several in the same day. Forget about limits on screen time – my kids have spent so much time in front of TV, video games, and the iPad over the past couple weeks that I’m surprised their brains haven’t melted and dripped out their ears. And guess what? Christmas break is STILL nowhere near over. And they are STILL bored.

I finally lost it on my first-grader one day after we’d gotten home from going to the gym and out to lunch and he was whining about having nothing else planned. “You’re bored? Well, so am I! Sometimes life is boring! Get used to it!” Honesty is the key to good parenting, people.

I think part of what irks me so much is that I feel the same way. The anticipation and excitement of Christmas is over. Now what? I would love to take off for the day, go shopping, out to lunch with friends, maybe get a massage, top things off with dinner and dancing. No, scratch that – I would actually like to spend an entire day in bed, reading and watching HGTV without anyone bothering me or demanding snacks. But that’s not happening. So instead we’re passing the time with Captain Underpants (Miles), magazines (Mom), the iPad (everyone), and wine (Mom & Dad).

Now that I’ve thoroughly depressed you all: Happy New Year! I resolve to have a better attitude in 2013. Once school starts back up again, that is.

captivated by Captain Underpants

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Lou Mello December 31, 2012 at 8:45 am

Well, this is just the way life is sometimes. We get bored, the kids get bored; just have to forge a way forward and life will find a way to make it interesting.

Hoping that you all have a good New Year’s and a wonderful year.


Abby December 31, 2012 at 8:57 am

Thanks Lou, same to you!


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