Hurricanes, Honeymoons & Kindergarten, Oh My!

by Abby on August 29, 2011

Enough with the natural disasters, already! First an earthquake, now a hurricane? Mother Nature is messing with me.

We were all bracing for the worst as we watched the nonstop news coverage of Hurricane Irene. We bought bottled water and batteries, charged our cell phones and checked the sump pump. The storm blew through Maryland Saturday afternoon and into the night. All night, the rain and wind whipped against the house, leaving us with power — THANK GOD — and a yard full of tree branches.

After Hurricane IreneSunday morning we took a walk around the neighborhood to assess the damage. Sticks, lots and lots of sticks, and branches the size of my leg were everywhere. The most dramatic thing we saw was a tall tree that had started to tip over and tore up some of the sidewalk with it. Here and there, extension cords criss-crossed the streets as neighbors who had electricity shared with those who weren’t as fortunate.

I’m grateful we didn’t lose power – really I am – but this hurricane certainly fouled a lot of things up around here. With everything canceled and closed, it made for a LONG weekend, let me tell you. Especially since our internet’s out. Boo! Hiss! Thank goodness for smartphones. (I’m posting this from a friend’s house.)

But the worst part is that school is canceled today. And today was supposed to be a monumental day – my son’s FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN. I can’t tell if he’s disappointed or relieved to be granted an extra day of summer vacation. Me? I’m bummed. I was ready! I was prepared! I had plans! Well, you know what they say about making plans…

It reminds of my wedding. Well, actually, my honeymoon. So there we were 8 years ago, blissful newlyweds who’d just tied the knot on a gorgeous fall day. The next morning, it POURED. On our way to the airport, eating leftover wedding cake for breakfast, we congratulated ourselves on our unbelievable luck with the weather. Our marriage was off to a great start. Clearly, we would lead a charmed life together.

All the way to Miami, I was on Cloud 9. Then, we boarded our flight to San Jose, Costa Rica. In a few hours we’d be lounging in our suite at a cozy inn on a coffee plantation. So perfect! So romantic! So not happening.

We were maybe 30 min. away from our destination when the pilot came on to announce that we couldn’t land at the San Jose airport because it was experiencing a power outage. We had to fly back to Miami. First, I thought it was a practical joke. Next, I cried. Then I felt sorry for myself and cursed our unbelievable bad luck. We spent the first night of our honeymoon jostling in line to get a lousy room at an airport hotel in Miami.

Fortunately, that was just a small hiccup in an otherwise wonderful honeymoon. But it does prove that we’re not in control of as much as we think we are. Here’s to the first day of kindergarten! Even it is a day or two late.

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Holly Rutchik August 29, 2011 at 11:59 am

Abby, this is awesome, Isn’t like with kids just a storm you hope to get through with a little power 🙂
Your post today is along the same lines as my post today. This weekend marked 5 years of marraige – and I ended up cleaning the kitchen and canceling the babysitter. Sigh….


Lou Mello August 29, 2011 at 12:42 pm

Yep, the hurricane passed us by for the most part, but, we’ve been thru the same thing with major yard and limb clean up a few times here in the Lowcountry. People do pitch in and help one another out and that always leaves you with a good feeling.

The best thing about the rough start to your honeymoon is that the only direction to go was up and it gave you great fodder for future stories.

I think we all have travel nightmare stories and as long as no one gets hurt, I pretty much just try to roll with them. We are doing the anniversary cruise next year to the Eastern Med and we are leaving on a Weds to arrive on a Thurs morning for a cruise that doesn’t leave until Friday late afternoon. I figure we might as well build in an extra day in case we run into a problem like you had, and the best part is if we are on time, we have a whole extra day and night in Venice.


Kim August 29, 2011 at 3:32 pm

I flew in and out of the SJ airport so many times during seven years and it was always something there 🙂 but I am so glad you finally got to enjoy your honeymoon! Mother Nature and her weather certainly tangle with our plans.

So is kindergarten on for the next day? I can’t wait to read about it 🙂 I am so excited for my daughter to start and we still have a whole year to wait until then!


Gill August 30, 2011 at 4:20 pm

Glad your ok 🙂 you live not far from my sister. I love you writing style – so funny 🙂 x


Angie August 31, 2011 at 1:21 pm

I can’t believe after all that hoopla down here about Hurricane Irene, it hit you! I’m so glad it wasn’t worse, but I’m bummed for you about the first day of kindergarten. There is so much buildup around that event… just like honeymoons and weddings.

Being reminded that we aren’t in control, while necessary, is no fun at all!


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