Girls’ Getaway: Miami

by Abby on November 18, 2011

What happens when you fly 5 overworked wives and moms to Miami and pack them all into one hotel room for the weekend? A whole lotta fun, is what. We talked, we relaxed, we ate, we drank, we danced, we shopped, we complained about the prices, and we talked some more. Here are some pictures from the trip:

The courtyard outside our Miami Beach hotelThe courtyard outside our Miami Beach hotel.

Miami BeachIt’s hard to tell, but there was a prenatal photo shoot going on in the foreground.

Trying on sunglasses in MiamiKanye could pull them off, but can I?

An $18 pina colada at a tourist trap on Ocean Dr.The most expensive pina colada on the planet: it cost $18!! That’s what you get when you go to an Ocean Drive tourist bar with a live band and no prices on the menu. It sure was fun, though.

cafe con leche at a Cuban dinerThe best coffee on the planet — cafe con leche at a Cuban diner near our hotel.

Things I wish I took pictures of but didn’t:

  • The $128 size 2T True Religion jeans I saw in a kids’ boutique
  • The chihuahua wearing designer jeans I saw on Lincoln Road
  • The couple sitting next to us at the sushi bar with a pug in a custom-made dog stroller
  • The patio of the Delano hotel, where the international jet-setters (and us) wined and dined
  • The sequined hot pants my friends talked me into trying on. I laugh just thinking about wearing them to preschool pickup.
  • The look on my boys’ faces when I brought home chocolate alligators for them.

The weekend sure went by fast, but it was fun while it lasted! It’s good to get away from your routine now and then, isn’t it? Especially if your routine includes potty training and vacuuming crushed Cheerios off the floor of every room in your house.

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Lou Mello November 18, 2011 at 6:33 am

Really fun pics, sometimes we just have to do silly, expensive and fun stuff to recharge. Good for you!!


Angie November 18, 2011 at 8:04 am

Yay, Abby. Kanye has nothing on you. This reminds me of a bachelorette trip to New Orleans… pre-kids and pre-marriage. I’m long overdue for that kind of fun.


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