Giddy Me Up, Mama!

by Abby on December 2, 2011

cartoon of kid riding on a stick horse“Mama, giddy me up!”

“What?” I laughed, from my seat in the kitchen.

Riley repeated his request: “Giddy me up!” Then he climbed onto my legs for a horsey ride. Ohhh, gotcha.

My kids are pretty verbal – some days I might say “mouthy” – so it’s funny to me when they get words and phrases wrong. My 2.5yo, like his older brother before him, turns everything into a verb. He once called me into his room where the breeze was coming in through an open window and said, “Look! The curtain is wind-ing.” Get it? The wind was winding? And one day when he got irritated with his brother – who, admittedly, has no understanding of the concepts of “indoor voice” or interrupting — he shouted, “Miles! Stop voicing!”

Miles once said to his grandmother as she was changing his diaper and putting his pants back on, “When you’re done panting me can we go to the playground?” These days, a savvy kindergartener, his verbal slipups are limited to “commercinals” on TV and “forwarding to” a playdate. (Looking forward to…) I don’t correct him, because it’s one of the few remaining signs that my baby is not all grown up yet.

I laughed when one day we were outside and a neighbor admonished her young daughter to stop throwing rocks. The girl did, then said, “Mommy? Are you happy at me now?” It’s confusing, isn’t it? Mad AT, proud OF, grateful FOR… I studied French for 5 years and I still don’t have my prepositions straight in that language!

And then there’s kids’ voices. I have to admit, I have a low tolerance for whining, and certain kids’ high-pitched squeals would drive me batty if I had to listen to them all day, but my own kids’ voices I adore. Miles has a sweet singing voice that he refuses to demonstrate in public but you can catch snatches of when he’s playing by himself and thinks no one’s listening.

Riley has a surprisingly low, somewhat hoarse voice that’s pretty funny coming out of a pint-sized person in a Thomas T-shirt. It reminds me of one of my cousins who, when he was young, sounded like a cross between a bullfrog and an elderly cleaning lady with a pack-a-day habit. Riley also does a hilarious impression of his dad where his voice gets even lower and he growls, “Hey, dude! Wanna wrestle?” It’s uncanny.

He coined his latest “Rileyism” this morning when he opened the flap on his advent calendar. “A cracker nut!”

A what? Luckily, Miles was there to translate: “He means nutcracker, Mom.” Ohhh, gotcha.

Horse candy cane cover from Etsy.comGIFT O’ THE WEEK: Speaking of “giddy-up,” I found these adorable, handmade, personalized horse candy cane holders on for my horse-loving aunt. The lady who makes them embroidered them and shipped them within days. I love Etsy.

LINK O’ THE WEEK: In case you missed it, yesterday Angie Mizzell and I were guests at Zook Book Nook, talking about those sweet, silly, and downright disturbing sounds that babies make.

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Lou Mello December 2, 2011 at 6:11 am

Your boys are just so darn cute. Hope you’re recording some of this so you can play back to them when they get older. A great way to embarrass them as teenagers is to play it in front of their friends or newest girlfriend. BWAAA HAAAA HAAAA.


Stephanie @ dialmforminky December 2, 2011 at 8:03 am

Awe I love it. Max is so verbal I hold on to the babyisms like gold. He’s “just getting comsterble!” (comfortable) “that flag is wagging”


neena December 2, 2011 at 10:02 am

How stinking cute are they!


Angie December 2, 2011 at 1:35 pm

Dillon also has a sweet singing voice and Blake’s voice is sometimes deep and raspy. I don’t correct Dillon either… like when he says he wants to go to Oatmeal Donald’s for a Happy Meal or says, “I don’t renember.”


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