Flashback Friday: Spring Musings

by Abby on March 29, 2013

While I spend the long weekend celebrating Easter with family in New England, please enjoy this post from my archives. The scenery looks a little different this year, since we got SNOW on Monday!! That crazy Mother Nature.

Spring Musings

My days may be filled with drama and stress and bodily fluids, but they are also punctuated by moments of real beauty. And no, I’m not talking about the glowing faces of my cherubic offspring. (Although they ARE pretty cute. Boogers, Band-Aids and all.) I’m talking about the breathtaking spectacle that is Baltimore in the springtime. Check it:

Cherry Blossoms

Pink Tulips

White trees in bloom

An allergy sufferer’s worst nightmare, true, but this blossoming bounty of candy-colored blooms is awe-inspiring, is it not? Ever since we saw The Lorax, the boys will shout, “Look, a truffula tree!” whenever we spot particularly vibrant, fluffy cherry blossoms.

The other day, we sat in the car admiring the trees and flowers along Charles Street as we waited at the train station for my mom to arrive for a spring visit. Downtown, I spotted the drab brown office building where I used to work a long time ago. The business is gone, as evidenced by the rusty remainders of the lettering that has since been taken down. I remembered trudging into work every day, dreading the hours spent in a gray cubicle with a window looking out onto a brick wall. Not a single ray of sunshine or hint of nature made its way into my corner of the office.

Whenever I start to panic at a temporary lull in my freelance work, or question my decision to spend long days catering to the nonstop demands of two loud, sticky little dictators for no pay or prestige whatsoever, I try to remind myself that not everything can be measured by a paycheck.

At least I have time to admire the tulips and the truffula trees. I’ll take that.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!

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