I Never Thought I’d…

by Abby on July 17, 2013

Miles missing a front tooth…pick my child’s nose. Catch throw-up in my hand. Get intimately familiar with someone else’s bowel movements. When it comes to gross things I never thought I’d do, the list is endless. But becoming a parent changes all that. For instance, I used to pass out at the mere THOUGHT of blood. Squeamish to the extreme. Yet just the other day, when Miles’ loose tooth was dangling by a thread and driving him crazy, I reached over and plucked it out. Me!! And yes, there was some blood. Nothing a popsicle couldn’t fix, though.

To read more about the Top 3 Grossest Things I’ve Gotten Used to as a Mom (and really, why WOULDN’T you?!) head on over to TheBump.com. Feel free to add your grossest moments, too. Nothing bothers me any more!

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