But Can Gisele Do This?

by Abby on January 8, 2014

OK, Gisele Bündchen. I see you in all your long-limbed, supermodel glory, serene and beautiful, doing yoga alongside your adorable baby in your tastefully appointed living room with the abstract art and the orchid, nary a plastic toy nor a wadded-up tissue in sight. We get it, you’re amazing.

Gisele Bundchen doing yoga with her baby, courtesy of Instagram

But can you do this, Gisele? Can you stretch your lithe Brazilian limbs into dancer’s pose at a rest stop in Connecticut during HOUR SEVEN of a family road trip? Can you remain calm and centered as a gum-chewing hooligan in gym shorts photobombs you? Didn’t think so.

doing yoga at a rest stop in CT

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