Rileyisms: Mid-Winter Edition

by Abby on February 9, 2015

Winter Makes Me Crazy!Winter is tough on my mental health. The cold, the gray, the snow delays, the illnesses. Also taxing on my psyche? Being stuck at home with sick kids. Blessedly, we have not been hit with the 5 feet (!) of snow that is currently overwhelming my in-laws in Massachusetts. And the illnesses are just severe enough to make everyone cranky but not concerned. So there’s that. Also, the very people who wear on my mood are often the ones to boost it. For instance, with such comments as these:

Riley, age almost-6, listening to Bob Marley on the car radio: “Did he say, ‘pee all night’?” Actually, it was “Let’s get together and FEEL ALRIGHT.” But these misconstrued lyrics are understandable given the (only recently non-bedwetting) source.

After being caught having a juice box fight with his BFF on the back porch, which showered both children and my sliding glass doors with sticky droplets: “Well, Mama, we weren’t exactly wasting them. We just used the REST of our juice boxes for a fight.” That’s a relief. Because wasting apple juice was my biggest issue with this scenario?

While reading a book about space: “Why is Pluto not a planet anymore? Did it blow up?” Fair question, I suppose. I’m not really clear myself on why it got axed, forever messing up my mnemonic device for remembering the planets: My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine . . . nevermind.

Upon recovering enough from his illness to jump on the trampoline and demand ice cream for an afternoon snack: “I feel like a normal person now. I don’t feel sick anymore.” Clearly.

Wishing you all the best of health this winter, physically AND mentally.

BONUS RILEYISMS O’ THE DAY: I could fill a notebook with the Super Bowl halftime show commentary alone. In case you missed it, it was a spectacle. That Katy Perry can put on a show, regardless of how you may feel about her music or fashion choices.

2015 Super Bowl halftime show - katy perry on tiger, from US Weekly

“She’s riding on a robot tiger – COOL!!”

“Is the tiger made out of disco balls?”

“I like her fire suit. I want a fire suit with flames shooting out.”

“I wonder how she doesn’t fall off the tiger.”

“Her boots must be attached to it, and she changes into other shoes after.” (This from my wise 8yo.)

“Is that a big chess board? It looks like Minecraft!”

And everyone’s favorite, the dancing sharks. Sorry, Lenny Kravitz, you just can’t compete with that.

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