Valentine’s Day in My World

by Abby on February 14, 2014

Yesterday I spent the entire day sequestered in my house banging out two stories that were due today, which happens to be yet another snow day, on the tail end of yet another week from hell filled with sick kids, work pressures, and random head injuries. Yep, Calamity Sam – the same kid who fell down a flight of stairs, tumbled into a tank of water at a farm, and locked himself in a bathroom – managed to fall out of a parked car backwards and hit his head on the curb.

Too bad it wasn’t 24 hours later, or the 15 inches of snow we got would’ve cushioned his fall. He’s fine, though. At least he was until he jumped off the coffee table while I was making dinner tonight and bit the inside of his lip, spewing blood and tears everywhere. Luckily, my mom has come for a well-timed visit – lucky her! – so she did triage while I finished the tacos. And yes, I met my deadlines. And yes, I DO want a medal.

So maybe it’s my frame of mind, but this post made me LOL in recognition: Why I Hate Valentine’s Day. As did this comic: The Excruciating Process of Watching Your Child Hand-Make 28 Valentine’s Cards for the Class. Kids’ valentines HAVE become a competitive sport, it’s true. I remember when my oldest was in preschool and experienced his first class Valentine’s Day party. He came home with a huge bag of candy, stickers, and cards galore – some of them nicer than my wedding invitations – most of them addressed by the kids themselves. My son couldn’t even write his own name at that point! I immediately had a small panic attack.

Minecraft Valentine made by my son

This year that same son, now 7, decided he was too cool for Valentine’s Day until I found these awesome printable Minecraft Valentines. We spent a pleasant afternoon eating Hershey’s miniatures and using up way too much tape and printer ink. They came out great. My preschooler’s Ninja Turtle Valentines came out less great. See “Excruciating Process” above. He insisted on writing his name with a very smeary marker and refused to believe me that letters have to go in a certain order to spell things. WHAT DO I KNOW, I’M ONLY A PROFESSIONAL WRITER!! And you know what’s awesome? To go through all that only to have Valentine’s Day snowed out.

Then tonight at dinner – with one kid whining and the other crying and bleeding and taco guts spilling everywhere – my husband looked at me and said, “Wait. Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day?” He had that “oh, crap, I totally forgot” look in his eyes.

“It’s OK, sweetie. Our daily life is romantic enough for me,” said my unshowered, make-up-free self, blowing him a kiss. Happy Married/Harried Valentine’s Day!

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Christine February 14, 2014 at 7:11 am

After having my own snow day from hell yesterday I woke up this morning to tell my husband Happy Valentine ‘s day before he left for work. His response was : oh it’s Valentine ‘s Day????
Anyway Happy Valentine’s Day from me to you!


Lou Mello February 14, 2014 at 7:37 am

Your stories about the boys make me smile every time, always reminds me of when my daughter was small. Fortunately, she was pretty girlie and seemed to not try to kill herself daily. My wife and I always exchange tow or three cards and that is the extent of it, without kids and cwazzzy time to drive us loopy, we generally remember the day.

Happy Valentine’s Snow Day from finally warmer Charleston, SC.


Kathleen Basi February 14, 2014 at 1:39 pm

Hilarious, Abby…I think they put these holidays in the winter to break up the monotony, but my gosh it makes me long for the monotony!!!!! (Why yes, I did use multiple exclamation points. I’m embarking on Days 6 and 7 off school out of 11. So sue me. 😉 )


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