My Latest Weird Health Issue

by Abby on May 8, 2013

Woman doctor with stethoscopeI’ve told you all before about how in the rare instances I’ve had a health issue, it’s always something weird like a thumb tumor, right? Well, this time around it was unexplained dizziness. I almost keeled over in yoga doing a forward bend, which was not only embarrassing but somewhat alarming to my yoga teacher. So off I went to the doctor.

But before I get to that, I need you to fully understand exactly why it’s such an ordeal for me to schedule regular medical appointments. I’m about 11 months overdue for my annual exam, and I still haven’t gotten some routine bloodwork done from last year because it requires fasting and going first thing in the morning and DO YOU KNOW WHAT MY MORNINGS ARE LIKE??

Anyway, I call my primary care doctor — which I didn’t even HAVE until last year, because before that I was mostly pregnant and seeing my ob/gyn far too often and that was plenty of medical care, thanks — and miracle of miracles, she had an opening that afternoon. There have been so many times I called a doctor for an appointment and by the time it rolled around, the medical issue had cleared up on its own. Or the symptoms had disappeared from neglect but the virus or whatever is still in there, killing me silently. I’ll never know.

Anyway, I booked the appointment, but then I had to find somebody to watch the kids. I know some people take their kids WITH them to the doctor, but mine would be strangling themselves with the blood pressure cuff and knocking over urine samples within minutes, I promise you. My friend generously agreed to watch the boys. But wouldn’t you know it, a couple hours later she called back and said one of her kids had just thrown up. Risk the stomach bug? No way. In the nick of time, I found a sitter and dashed off to the doctor.

Am I pregnant? Do I have a brain tumor? Is it some insidious disease that’s previously never been seen on this continent? You’ll have to click on over to to find out.


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