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by Abby on May 6, 2014

I am back from a 3-day trip to Charleston, SC. It was fabulous and I will tell you more about it soon. But first, I want to describe for you what it’s like to re-enter my regular life after several days away.

My 5yo son in T-ball uniformI went straight from the airport to the sidelines of my 7yo’s baseball game. Dad’s the coach, so it’s my job to keep the 5yo out of trouble while simultaneously cheering on the team. If I thought the flight made me a little queasy, that’s nothing compared to whipping my head back and forth to keep an eye on both kids.

I know moms are supposed to have eyes in the back of their heads, but mine were out of focus after 3 days away. My 5yo’s activity of choice that evening? Jumping up and down on a rusty spike meant for playing horseshoes. Visions of tetanus shots danced in my head.

From there it was back home for dinner and bedtime, as quickly as I could nuke frozen turkey meatballs because it was so late by then. But wait – homework! My 7yo had forgotten his assignment at school. I’m not ashamed to say I felt relieved. But wait – it’s Teacher Appreciation Week! (You KNOW how I feel about that.) He had to make a card illustrating why he appreciates his teacher.

My other son had to bring in 2 flowers from our yard, which implies that we have flowers in our yard. We do not, unless you include dandelions. After debating for about 10 min., I decided 2 pansies picked from the pot on the porch would have to do. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Putting the boys to bed I noticed their hamper was overflowing. Run down to throw in a load of laundry. Then I noticed the pile of library books scattered across the floor. Run to the computer to renew them online. But wait – too late. We owe $16.25 in fines. Next to the computer I notice a stack of paperwork. My driver’s license renewal, kindergarten registration, and some random bills to be dealt with. And wait – what’s this? The permission slip for the preschool charity Trike-a-Thon tomorrow. And the envelope to hold the donations we were supposed to solicit. Looks like I’ll be writing a check.

Speaking of check, I decide I’d better check my email. No fewer than 9 messages regarding the elementary school’s upcoming spring fair. Sign up to volunteer. Bake something for the bake sale. Order your tickets and T-shirts. Bring in drinks, drop off donations, send back this form, that form, and the other form!

I look at the calendar and realize my husband’s birthday is this weekend. And also, Mother’s Day. I always joke that he’s stealing my thunder, but my birthday’s always near Father’s Day so I guess we’re even. But still, I’ll have to get him something. Too bad he’s the world’s hardest person to buy a gift for. I also need to get my own mom something. At this point, a card might not even get there in time. I put it on my to-do list, which is also the list for the groceries I need to get… at some point.

Over the course of my first full day back, at least 3 people make a similar comment: “I noticed you haven’t posted anything on your blog lately. Maybe tomorrow? I really look forward to your posts!” Now how can I let down THOSE people? (I know, it’s SO hard having legions of adoring fans. #humblebrag) And then there are the ones who are expecting photos from this event and tagging me in Facebook photos of that event. I at least owe them all a courtesy “like,” right?

Priorities, priorities. The kitchen floor is so dirty that even the dog is too grossed out to eat off it, so I make time to tackle that. And the bathroom’s pretty icky, too. And I’ll have to unpack my suitcase… at some point. And let’s not forget the actual paying work I do. Remember that? Welcome home, Mom. Welcome home.

DISCLAIMER O’ THE DAY: I would hate to give the impression that my hubs slacked off while I was away. In fact, he was busy with baseball, birthday parties, yard work, and the usual preschooler meltdowns. Just proves the point that this parenting and household stuff is a round-the-clock 2-person job – at LEAST.

PIC O’ THE DAY: Until I get around to a post about my Charleston trip – IN ALL MY FREE TIME – here’s a photo to tide you over. One of my favorite things was peeking into courtyards and gardens, each more beautiful than the next. Probably because I don’t have to take care of them.

pretty courtyard in Charleston, SC

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Lou Mello May 7, 2014 at 7:22 am

Whew!! You have worn me out just reading this, think I’ll go back to bed and wait for the Charleston pics.


Kathleen Basi May 7, 2014 at 5:04 pm

I don’t even know where to begin commenting…so I’m just going to say I know exactly how you feel about Teacher Appreciation week! This year each school (we have three in our household) wants something different–two of them want something every day. And one of those two is Julianna’s. Julianna, who has SIX TEACHERS.

The toddler & I made pumpkin & zucchini bread and I sent it to school and said that’s all I can do. I appreciate my kids’ teachers very much, but there’s only so much you can do.


Abby May 8, 2014 at 9:46 am

If I were a teacher, I’d take homemade pumpkin bread over a mismatched bouquet of flowers any day!! And whose idea was it to jam all this forced appreciation into one week, anyway? I’m going rogue and sending in cards and flowers at random intervals throughout the year. Bite me, PTA! 😉


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