Pics O’ the Week

by Abby on May 2, 2014

Let’s flip through my phone pics from the past week, shall we? We’ll skip over the blurry shots someone took of their naked brother streaking around the house in a Power Rangers mask. And the blurry 5-second video clips of the Lego guys. And what the heck is THAT picture of? The inside of the dog’s ear? The dust bunnies under the stove? Who knows.

This is a shot taken the morning after my show. You can tell I’m tired, but I like this picture because it shows that maybe all those days of sacrificing my morning coffee and evening red wine and suffering those awful-tasting teeth-whitening strips were actually worth it. And also, it looks like I have half a mustache thanks to Riley’s hair.

me and the kids

“Dude, it’s a GARNISH, not a salad.” That’s what we told Miles when he started munching on the ginormous lettuce leaf that was under his pile of buffalo wings at a restaurant. Not that I’m trying to discourage my kid from eating his greens…

kid eating a huge lettuce leaf

This is what happens when you let a preschooler dress himself. The kid’s got flair, I’ll give him that. And that chapeau he’s wearing? That is how the circus justifies charging SEVENTEEN DOLLARS(!!) for one cotton candy. Because we’ll totally overlook the fact that we’re paying Rolex money for a bag of spun sugar if it’s stuffed into a whimsical “souvenir” hat, right?

a preschooler who dressed himself

Happy Friday, all! Capture some fun on your phone this weekend. Just make good use of that delete button, ‘kay?


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