Wise Words (and Wall Décor) from Dr. Seuss

by Abby on June 23, 2014

We are big fans of wall decals in our house. When my kids were little, I got some shaped like blocks, which we made into houses and boats.
wall decals shaped like blocksAs they got older, we swapped those out for life-sized Batman and Spiderman decals. (Although my older son admitted it was slightly alarming to wake up and see an enormous superhero leaping over your bed.) Those made way for Sonic the Hedgehog decals. Not exactly my idea of stylish décor, but that’s the great thing about decals – they’re removable.

So when a nice woman contacted me from CozyWallArt.com, creators of original vinyl wall art that they produce in their tiny Texas studio, I was all for testing out their wares. Ever since we turned the nursery back into a home office, I’ve been wondering how to decorate it. It gets great natural light, so I had the idea of making it into a reading room. Bookshelves, beanbags on the floor, an inviting spot to read and relax. So when I saw this Dr. Seuss quote decal, I knew it was perfect for that room:

Dr. Seuss quote decal from CozyWallArt.com

I went with the larger size in orange, after consulting with Sherry at Cozy Wall Art about what color would look nicest on the green wall. I love it, don’t you? Because apparently I am not the brightest bulb in the reading lamp, I spent ages applying the letters one by one before Sherry informed me that I could stick the whole thing up in one piece. It took some patience, but it was pretty easy.

Fun fact: I have a thing for Dr. Seuss quotes. For my high school yearbook senior year I chose this one from Oh, the Places You’ll Go:

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

Wise words for all ages, aren’t they?

DISCLAIMER O’ THE DAY: I am fully aware of how obnoxious it might be for someone to be all, “Look at my kid! He loves to read! Here he is again, reading!” Especially if your child does NOT enjoy reading, and even getting him to pick up a book is a battle. My mother was an English teacher for 30 years, so I know that my son is not the norm, and I also know things could change by the time he hits high school.

And, besides — the grass is always greener under someone else’s kid. I fear that my boy is lazy with a capital “L.” He SITS DOWN in the outfield during baseball games! He claims he’s too tired to tie his own shoes! I know some kids who run around outside all day long and play every sport imaginable.

Ideally, we would accept our children the way they are and not fret about pages read and physical activity expended. But I’m not gonna lie: I was relieved to see that my son can motivate when he wants to. We went with some friends to their pool, which had a waterslide. To go on the slide, you had to pass a swimming test. Lo and behold, Mr. Lazy Bones decided to do it, and had climbed the stairs and zipped down the slide 10 times before I’d even unpacked my gargantuan pool bag. That’s what I get for labeling my kid.

going down the waterslide

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